The easiest way to Check internet speed test

The easiest way to test internet speed

Test internet speed in these easy ways, this is the fastest website to test speed recently.

These days, laptops or smartphones all have faded without internet. If you have internet, you can download things from all over the world. Watch movies online or download software. However, there is no need to tell what users can do from the Internet.

Internet slowness is the biggest problem in India. Whether it is mobile internet or broadband users are worried about what is the speed of internet. Many times companies claim high speed but when they want to watch a video, they cannot even watch it comfortably. When you call telecom or internet service provider, you will be told from there that you are getting the same speed as claimed.

We tell you the easiest way to do internet speed test. Through this, you can find out whether the company is giving as much speed as you have committed. You can also challenge companies to give speed less.

internet speed test using

This is probably the easiest speed test monitor website in the world. Recently, video streaming company Netflix has launched it global. You have to write in internet browser. Speed ​​test will start as soon as the website is open, you will not even need to click on any particular option.

The user interface of this website is quite easy. Speed ​​will be told to you in a few seconds. Here you will get an option through which you can also compare this speed with the speed of Its specialty is that you will not even see advertisements in it.

internet speed test using

This website is one of the few famous speed test websites in the world. Its user interface is quite interesting. In this, ping is also detected along with Internet downloading and uploading speed.

In this, you can select the nearest server so that the speed can be accurately detected. Apart from this, you will also see the name and IP of the Internet service provider, which will increase your information. You can also share your tested speed on social media. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android.

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