How to make a game and earn money?

Today I am going to make you elaborate about all these. How to make Android mobile game? And in such a situation, if you want to create your own game, then you are the right place. By the way, a lot of things are required to make a game such as Programming & Designing ect.

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But there are some software & websites that provide such platforms. With the help of which one can easily make games easily. Today, by the software website I am going to tell you, you can make any game such as Computer Game, Android Game or iOS Game. So let’s see Game Kaise banaye (How to make a game)?

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Sploder: Make Your own Game:

Sploder Free Game Development is the platform where anyone can create their own game. It also has a website, an Android App (Sploder App) and an iOS App. If you want, you can make a game on your computer or mobile. The biggest advantage of making a game on Sploder is that you do not have to coding anywhere.

Simply select the design and the game level will become your Game Automatic Create.

This is not a game development advance tool. But if you want to know how to make a game? So this is best for you. Because you can understand all the concepts of making a game from here. Like how to set Game Level, how to create path Etc.

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How to make Mobile Game? (How to build Own mobile game)?

If you want to make a game from the phone, then you have to download Android, because Sploder has Android purchase and it cannot be used in Free. Therefore, I am telling about making games on computer from its website. From Sploder Website you can develop four types of games. Graphiccs, Adventure, Classic & Arcade Game.

To make a game, you have to follow some steps, after that you can go to the Game Developmet Dashboard and make a game and share it.

Without creating an Android game without coding:

Step 1. First you go to Sploder’s website and click on Signup. (Its link is given above) Here you can register by entering UserName, Password & Email.

Step 2. After registering the account, you came to the home page and click on “Make your Own Game”.

Step 3. From here you select what kind of game you want to make, such as Adventure, Classic ,. Click on the game you want to develop.

Step 4. Now from here you can download and install the Required Flash Player Plugin to make a game, then restart the computer and go to the Sploader website again and follow step 3.

Step 5. Now you can make a game from here by just drag & drop. And you can share & play it on Sploder.

Code Develop Android Mobile App

How to make a game? You must have found the answer to this question in the first way, using which you can create a game application for yourself without coding. But if you want to make android games like PUBG Mobile game.

So without coding you cannot create and if you want to make a game or an app for android mobile platform. So for this you have to learn programming language and you will have to make a game using a tool like Google android SDK tool.

Here I have told about some top Android app builder tool using which you can make your own game with original full copyright.

Friends, here I told how to make a game? Android phone game, mobile app if you want to make games on Android or Computer without coding yourself. So this is your best trick, but you can come to Sploder only to make basic level game & you cannot download or install games made by it. Just you can play the game on the Sploder platform itself and share it to your friends. If you have any question or suggestion about it, then you must comment.

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