The Best Smart Home Devices for 2020

The smart home home automation market is new in India and not many people have used this technology yet. Not many people know what to buy initially.

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Today, a lot of people in India depend on gadgets and technology. He does most of his work with the help of gadgets. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that he uses smartphones and other connected gadgets.

The home automation market is new in India and not many people have used this technology yet. Not many people know what to buy initially. Today we will talk about some such gadgets which are necessary for home automation. With the help of these gadgets, your work will be easier and your home will become a smart home.

Having good internet signal in every corner of the house

A good speed Wi-Fi router is required to make a home a smart home. Internet

connection, data pack and internet speed should be good to use all gadgets properly.

If your internet connection is slow then your devices will not work quickly.

Smart light bulb

To make a smart home, it is necessary to have a smart light bulb in the house.

Smartlight bulbs can be controlled from a single device and you can also increase

their brightness and color according to the situation.

Smart speaker

A SmartSpeaker can do almost all our work like it can play songs for you, make calls,

control the light and also control the TV.

Smart speaker can do almost all the work done by smartphone. You can buy smart

speakers from many companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft.

Smart surveillance camera

It is very important to have surveillance camera on the door of the house, in the

children's room and in the living room. Smart surveillance camera can be controlled

from smartphones and tablets. It helps you keep an eye everywhere and will give

information about every activity. You can turn off the surveillance camera from a phone or tablet and view all recordings.

smart switch

Smart switches cost a bit more and are quite expensive. But with a smart switch you

can control your home's lightning.

These switches have motion sensors.Due to the motion sensor,

the light in the room where you are is lit and it automatically turns off after you exit.

IoT devices

Washing machines, geysers, etc. all come inside the IoT device. You can turn all these

devices on or off from anywhere with the help of phone.

All these things are connected to the Internet.

connected accessory

It is also necessary to have connected gadgets, so that you can connect the speaker in another room with your TV.

You can give the command to play your favorite video to your TV or speaker without

your smartphone. With the help of accessories, you can control the lights, speakers and your TV.

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